segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

Fiquei sem meu Sony Vaio (em inglês rs)

There is an old saying

That my father used to say

That you know a real man

When he holds up to his word

Based on that principle

I have been feeling uneasy

It was just what I needed

For 114 days

I fought a tough battle

To fix my Sony VAIO

I fought from south to north

But I counted on my friends

Thus this was my luck

Marino, all the way in San Diego

Noticed my struggle

And on twitter he said

I will solve your matter

One simple email was enough

To dispel the confusion.

Then my VAIO arrived

At the day it was agreed

I was full of joy

And in state of awe

When I opened the package

What a fine laptop that is!

When my wife

Saw the beautiful computer

She rushed to say, this one is mine!

See my God how awful!

She took my VAIO,

It is true my Lord.

In the wardrobe she put it

And she locked it away.

While the sadness was settling in

I was getting hot.

What a heartless woman!

What she’s done to me

It can’t be done to a good Christian.

Now she is always showing off

With her beautiful VAIO,

While I am agonizing

Felling really strange,

This is all at @Sony’s fault

I will raise me voice!

It could make a common computer

With no extra stuff

But made a beautiful VAIO,

And messed with me, damn it!

Now no VAIO no nothing

Because that darned woman got it.

I will stay in my corner

Humbled and quite

So maybe she will allow me

To use it just a little,

I never thought that would be the day

When a VAIO would be on my way.

Taking all the jokes

From all the neighborhood

But I will stay in my corner

Without losing hope

Maybe she will return my VAIO,

Worth waiting for.

zé do biu das alagoas
tradução de:

Marino K. Poletine

PA Service Groups
QA Engineer - Sustaining / Linguist
Sony Electronics Inc. VAIO of America

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